Helping At-Risk Youth RISE to Their Future

The AmeriCorps Nebraska Rural Improvement for Schooling and Employment (RISE) Program focuses on providing educaiton and early employment supportive services for at-risk youth across Nebraska. The RISE members provide skill support to adjudicated youth in all 12 Nebraska Judicial districts and collaborate with community volunteers and stakeholders to help create a brighter future for all Nebraska youth.


Employment Track for Juveniles









Six chapters covering:

• Individual road blocks to employment and job readines

• Resumes, cover letters and references

• Explanation letter (how to answer the criminal history question)

• Effectively searching for job

• Interview skills

• Meeting employers’ expectations

• And more...

Juvenile School Support Program









Eight chapters focused on:

• Goal setting

• Motivation

• Organization

• Learning styles

• Study skills

• Test taking

• Budgeting

• Employment

• Post high school education